Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sun sets on Summer-East Beach style

Hi, and welcome to a new Week. I hope everyone is enjoying their long Labor Day weekend before
Summer comes to a close. Summers aren't Summers without going to Santa Barbara. Whether I'm going to a show at the Bowl, dinner at a place on State... I gotta go! Upon exiting the 101 on Cabrillo, winding my way around the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, and finally seeing the open expanse of East Beach with Santa Cruz Island and oil platforms in the near distance, those Volleyball courts come into my view. Whether empty or crowded, that was and still is the Official Welcome To Summer for me. Now, those courts are open year round, but they just remind me of Summer, when I came to Santa Barbara for the first time long ago. So, that inspired this cartoon-A Day at the East Beach Courts. The flamingos didn't have to go far, just crossed Cabrillo. They like to have their games early in the AM to beat the local competition. I always wanted to play Volleyball..but only at those Courts. Anyone can see I really don't know much about the game, as the teams are not equal in number of players. But I'd be willing to learn.Anyone wanna teach me at East Beach?? 
Have a great week everybody, and look forward to Fall-More events and surprises in store...along with more adventures with these guys. see ya next week.

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